Life in a metro …. 2

Some more incidents in THE Kolkata Metro caught my attention. As usual in the office time everyone rushes into the coach even if the crowd is thin, thumping on the sides of the doors with their immense bodies and getting stuck midway with one’s bag hanging outside or someone tripping over and getting trampled by the numerous seat hungers; and all these in just 30 seconds, the remaining 1 minute 30 seconds they jostle inside the coach for a stand. I guess people do it instinctively.

So one day in the morning we all pushed and rushed into the metro and grabbed our seats, and once again it was an A.C Metro. Two women jumped onto my both sides squeezing me, there was enough place for only one. Hell what timing! They tried to sit at the same time; they looked at each other simultaneously, and looked away together to the other side where one seat was empty. And both of them ran for it. Together! But unfortunately the drama ended there, one of them got to sit and the other stood there helplessly with a defeated smile on her face. Seeing this sad sight the lady next to me called for the woman standing and offered her to sit in the still only empty seat beside her. The defeated smile turned into a victorious one.

Another day, I got onto the Metro coach a bit late, I did not have to fight to enter, but got a nice place to stand by. I had a friend sitting just in front, so, I could let her hold my bag to release my burden and help me stand light. Little did I know the place I was standing was a danger zone. To my left was the door that would open every 2-5 minutes and let in more and more ‘jostlers’ and to my right was this lady commentator of the whole situation, who was the initial cause of my headache that afternoon. She and her friend were daily passengers, I have seen them many times, but I never knew she spoke so much. Had there been a cricket or football stadium nearby, they would have readily hired her for her god gifted ability of commentary. Every time the doors slid open lots of people fought desperately to enter even though the coach was full. Well, people cannot really help; all of us want to be on time, be it school, college or office. As many people got into the Metro, my neighbor went on and on reading out the situation like a child would babble out a well know poem enthusiastically. She spoke with such fluency and enthusiasm that, I bet she could have been either a commentator or a political leader.

“My my, just look at that man, he came running from that door to this door only to get up. Why can’t they wait for the next Metro?” exclaimed she to her friend.

“She should not try to…… Oh my God! How did she get up? Look she is fighting to enter….”

Not only did she go on commenting but also virtually trying to avoid the rush. I was the one who had to stand firm to face all that rush bravely and protect my fellow women passenger form being affected. But this lady, God knows what was trying to do, kept on elbowing me. Notwithstanding this irritating gesture I told her that there was no need to push me, I was already being pushed from the other side. Silence.

“Oh God! This station is really crowded…. Hey you there, please don’t try to enter we are getting squashed. Nooooo. What are they doing? How can so many people fit into one little coach?….” she went on.

Finally while getting down she asked me “Are you going to get down at Central?”

I said “No”

“Then why have you been standing here near the doorway and tolerating all the rush?” she inquired.

“Because people were already standing everywhere else.” I said calmly. But my inner voice was screaming “Why don’t you just SHUT UP? I have been standing here to not allow you fat people from disabling the others who enter and to allow you to talk non-stop for about God knows how long you have been talking. I can’t take it anymore. Now just get yourself out of here. NOW” While I was preparing this speech she got off thankfully. I knew if she had spoken one more time in front of my ears I would scream all these at her face.

After having encounters with some such talkative persons I have realized how much I hate people who talk nonsense, not just nonsense but also people who talk unnecessarily.

But you know what, it does make me angry then, but later on when I think back these are the thoughts that sometimes make me laugh or bring out topics for my write-ups. So, I think it’s not all bad.

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