Online Shopping vs Real Shopping

DSC_0552Many would agree saying that it is cheaper shopping online than at retail stores, it reduces automobile pollution as you don’t have to travel all the way to the store, and it is time saving. But wait a minute did you know how many times people have been cheated by these online stores?

Once I was window site shopping at one such online store when I came across a beautiful red ‘leather’ clutch. IT was a feast to the eyes, I soon started calculating my pocket money with its amount subtracted, and came to a conclusion that I can survive the rest of the, month by cutting out chocolate consumption and walking to and from college without taking an auto-rickshaw. So I ordered, and the next three days I imagined myself beaming with the pride of owing the ‘beauty’! I thought how every friend compliment my choice and how the other girls would turn their necks to catch a glimpse of my ‘leather’ purse…..

Little did I know that I’ll end up with a tiny 8.5 cm coin purse! Having seen the delivery man standing with a small package made me upset, and what came out of the package was even more upsetting. I called back immediately to return the product but they said no product can be returned unless it is defective. I hated them; I hated all the online stores for putting up glamorous pictures on sale. They had deceived me. I wanted to scream that the measurements were false, it said that the purse was 20mm in length; this couldn’t be possible so I took it to be 20 cm as that’s a good length for a purse. So here I am with shattered dreams debating for real stores which cannot deceive you easily. In a real shop you can actually see the thing, touch it, feel it , toss it, smell it and judge whether its worthy enough to belong to you. And above all where else will you find the pleasure of that pleasing scent of new fabrics, shoes, and jewels? A store seems to have its own smell which your computer or laptop cannot provide you with. Can you even bargain online? NO. But you can in a live store and please the shopkeeper to give you away the product at your choice of price. You can touch, smudge, toss and clutter as much as you want and then finally pick your choice form one corner and walk out with satisfaction.  How can you ever feel this while shopping online??

Firstly, you have to strain your eyes continuously and as we all know the rays coming out of the monitor screen is harmful for the eyes, so you end up hurting them. Secondly, the online stores always have the best photos put on, because once you get it you can find out how minutely it differs from the display picture. Furthermore, you never get that familiar happy feeling of walking back home with bags full of new clothes shoes and bags! As in shopping online you receive your order in a not-so-good-looking package and then they also take from ‘four to ten days’ to reach you! And surely by this time you could have used your new dress thrice had you got it from a feasible store.

Finally online shopping is like having your favorite dish without salt in it! It looks the same but tastes very different.


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