She who smells it right

This ‘she’ is a friend of mine. She is intelligent, bold, independent, and sometimes a bit of foul-mouth. She doesn’t like the word “sweet” to describe her, she says “I’m not a pink girl, I’m a blue girl.”She is not just good at smelling it right, but also she is a spent writer, a fabulous cook, a good photographer and a sensible friend. You may be thinking, “What is with smelling it right?” Well she can smell out any spice you add to a meal. She will successfully sniff it out and twist her tongue and declare her effort by asking you a weird question and surprising you. Then again she will experiment with cooking and come up with crazy but tasty dishes. Once I suggested her to become a taster, but she declined my proposal, saying it wasn’t good enough for her. Of course, why will anybody use their rare talent too much to lose it? It is said that if you use some of your sense organs too much you gradually lose that sense with age. And I’m sure our madam is planning to store this unusual gift as long as she can. To describe her physically, she has one of the most beautiful tresses I’ve ever seen in my life, her eyes speak her mind, and that dusky complexion which she hates so much actually gives a bronze tone to her skin making her look that she’s just come out of a bronze bath!

Sometimes she proudly declares her talents, lest anyone missed it and sometimes her talents just show, without even one word being spoken. Once I lent her a fat story book of mine and to my surprise she finished reading it in just 4 days! While it took me about 3 weeks to finish it. She actually reads very fast, once during one of our group studies before the exams she finished pages of ‘Psychoanalysis’, the most dreaded subject at that time in no time. When you ask her how she does that, she’d proudly declare with a wink “Everybody cannot be Sananya Datta.” I would agree, it is indeed in that unusual name which I’ve never come across before I met her. The name is unique, it means ‘one who is best in her field’, and sure she is. And some credit also must be given to that strange sir name of hers. People who hold this last name spell it as ‘Dutta’ but our heroine here writes ‘Datta’. She’s also the bravest girl I’ve ever come across, she says she hates eve teasing and once she fought a fierce full battle with one offender when she was about 15. I was so proud of her. Furthermore our heroine here is a foodie. She just loves to eat, and call her a shark or a greedy she won’t care. And what immense capacity she has to store all that food in her!! Once I remember she brought a box full of friend rice at lunch, we took a share from it though it still had much more left for her, after this we went out for a tea break, she took a cup o f tea and a laddoo, then coming back to college she stopped for a 200ml Sprite. Our class got over after an hour and there she was at the fast food centerImage sitting happily with an Egg-roll. I asked “how can you feel hungry so quickly. You just had so much…”. And came the most pleasing smile of hers accompanied by the obvious answer “I am Sananya Datta”. When she’s upset she won’t say it but sit with a long face and feel depressed, and at the most behave a bit rudely, this part matches well with me. The best way to bring her back on her foot is to treat her with a full plate of Biriyani or a medium sized Chicken Pizza, even the college canteen Pastry will do. No offence to our canteen, actually they serve very good and tasty food. And doing so you can experience that pleasing smile gradually build up in her pretty face. And so the rest of the day goes well. Once she lost her cell phone, that was the 3rd phone she lost in a row, not only so, she was actually robbed off it and pushed out of a running bus!! She managed to escape any injury but lost her phone. She was very upset, naturally, she was busy thinking what her mom would tell, on hearing this. I tried to console her by telling her to explain aunty that it was an accident, and that she had nothing to do about it. I do not exactly remember how her mood was for the rest of the day, as we had a lovely time laughing about some other things (she also joined the laughing session but soon retreated in the memory of the lost love!) but the next day I was shocked to hear that her mom didn’t react at all. I myself was feeling a bit scared thinking on what she might have to go through when she reached home with news of her 3rd lost phone, but his was really unexpected. Her mom was cool and relaxed, she promised to buy Sananya a new phone. And guess what, in a month she entered college with a brand new android phone cradled in her palm. Sometimes when we are prepared for the worst, God gifts us with unexpectedly welcoming situations! I love this lady, not for she is funny and good and trustworthy, but because I feel she’s worth some respect and love. And why not? After all she’s that unique lady in blue – Sananya Datta. Actually she’s the one who inspired me to write blogs. I thank her for all the craziness she provided, and all the fun that came into my life through her, I would really miss a lot in life, had I not a friend like you.


16 comments on “She who smells it right

  1. I loved what you wrote my dear dear friend…just take a li’l correction…3 typos…”how her mood was”…the her is missing, Tough should be THOUGH I reckon…and there is a space between O and F…the article is beautiful….keep up with the good work!!!


    • its superb it…waiting fr sum mre..
      I hv a small thng to say…i thnk it shd be this instead of his.. Its whr u hv dscrbd hr mom’s react…


  2. It’s beautiful. I was actually reading about a person I had no idea about yet at the end I ended up loving ur writing. Ur friends r really lucky to have someone like u in their life 🙂


    • what i have felt is that u have got the power to express your views and describing someone close to your heart is very much difficult although u have done that with much success….u should need to take care of the mistakes that u r making while writing the blog….i loved the portion where u have described the reaction of your friends mother after she had lost her phone…overall it was no doubt good…..3 out of 5..:-)..all the best..


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